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Project: Multilevel governance for balanced development between core and peripheral spaces

ESR 9: Martin Spacek (Host: STU)

Description: Multilevel governance is seen as a promising approach for the development of European metropolitan areas. However, up to now only little is known about the conditions which allow for successful cooperation between actors from the core region and the surrounding areas that aim at balancing out regional disparities. In this respect, the ESR 9 project will analyse innovative approaches in multilevel governance in the cross-border regions in the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic Germany and Austria. The project focuses on the main challenges in governance of cross-border governance enabling coordination of actors from the core region and the surrounding areas and their diversified interests in model cross-border regions. In addition, the objective is to discuss the role of suitable institutional arrangement, such as polycentric governance, for further institutional co-evolution enabling balanced regional development.

The research bring evidence that especially the Czech and Slovak sides of the borders cross-border relations are characterised by a strong involvement of the central government and a limited empowerment and capacities of non-state actors. As other challenges in the cross-border regions a multilevel mismatch, different languages, no common strategy, and insufficient capacities at the local and regional levels on the Czech and Slovak were identified as the most important obstacles to balanced regional development. It seems essential that promotion and systematic support for polycentric and problem-oriented cross-border governance together with systematic capacity building at regional and local level in new member states and increased emphasis on language education can contribute to overcome those challenges.


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Main Contact Persons
  • Lead Partner: Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography

    Thilo Lang (Project coordinator):

    Franziska Görmar (Project manager):

    Franziska Weyrich (Financial manager):

    WP leader for Dissemination and Outreach activities: MEPCO

    Martin Guba:

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