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October 25, 2016 No tags

3rd RegPol² school and conference in Veľká Lomnica have got attention from Slovak media. You can find short summary of the TV, radio and newspaper below.

Slovak TV and Radio Regina– national TV and radio station, have informed about the Action plan in the city of Kežmarok- first Action plan on dealing with poverty in Slovakia, and about the efforts of the region to decrease the unemployment. Attention is brought to the establishment of 4 social enterprises and centers for peoples’ education in work-related areas. Initiative of RegPol² researches is to help improving the centers, involving external expert views. This initiative is highly appreciated.

TA3– private TV with national coverage focused solely on news, added several inputs from the conference speakers. Mr. Ferenčák- mayor of Kežmarok, appreciates external input to Action plans, since he recognizes that it can bring different approach and perspective into the topic. Mr. Finka points out that regional development in terms of fight against unemployment is not only about attracting the investors and creating new jobs- it has to be synergic with social system, education system, etc. TA3 contribution includes a short reportage from the visit of Spišský Hrhov as well.

SME– private newspaper with national coverage summarizes the 3rd RegPol² school and conference and adds some basic information about the project itself as well.

We provide you the links to the individual inputs including the time they occur in the video below:


STV–  1:12- 3:35

Radio Regina– 10:48-13:05


SME newspaper


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