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July 2, 2015 No tags

RegPol2 fellows will be attending a number of conferences and workshops over the summer. Watch for them!

30 June-3 July 2015 | 5th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise | Helsinki, FI | Melinda Mihály (SI) | Presentation: How do Social Enterprises of rural Hungary and rural Germany define development?

6-11 July 2015 | AESOP PhD Workshop | Prague, CZ | Martin Spacek and Stefan Telle (STU)

8-10 July 2015 | 10th International Conference in Interpretive Policy Analysis | Lille, FR | Alexandru Brad (IfL-Leipzig) | Presentation: Framing the Governance of Core-Periphery Relations

13-17 July 2015 | AESOP Congress 2015 | Prague, CZ | Martin Spacek and Stefan Telle (STU)

18-21 August 2015 | 26th European Society for Rural Sociology Congress | Aberdeen, UK | Bianka Plüschke (Tartu University) | Presentation: Visions of rurality impeding future development? Regional identity discourses in rural Estonia

23-26 August 2015 | ARL International Summer School | Prague, CZ | Sebastian Schultz (Tartu University) and Alexandru Brad (IfL-Leipzig)

25-28 August 2015 | ERSA 55th Congress 2015 | Lisbon, PT | Bradley Loewen (MEPCO)

30 August-2 September 2015 | Fifth EUGEO Congress on the Geography of Europe | Budapest, HU | P01, Slot 2: Stefan Telle (STU), Bradley Loewen (MEPCO) | P12, Slot 1: Sorin Cebotari (UBB), Martin Graffenberger (IfL), Martiene Grootens (TU); Slot 2: Melinda Mihály (SI), Martin Spacek (STU) | P43, Slot 1: Aura Moldovan (UBB), Ilgvars Jansons (CERS HAS); Slot 2: Zsuzsanna Pósfai (CERS HAS) | Conference programme and abstracts available here.


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